Hal Carter's


An Inspiring True Murder and Spiritual Mystery Love Story

“This is a powerful story - the most intriguing true story I have ever heard!”
Ann Rule
30-Time Bestselling True Crime Author

Triple Murder Rocks Southern Hills
Shreveport Times

Awakened by an eerie dream about Julie Grissom

only minutes after her brutal murder,

an idealistic and controversial criminal defense lawyer

- who defends others accused of murder –

has to defend himself as the prime suspect.

After losing his law practice and almost everything else he has to lose,

including his life-long faith in God,

Hal Carter’s journey to stop a serial killer and clear himself

takes him to the death chamber on execution day

- where a wild female bird lands at his feet

and stays with him –

as he tells reporters about Julie Grissom.

From the unspeakable madness of the Grissom Murders

and five other gruesome murders that shocked the nation


a riveting murder mystery about why five University of Florida Gainesville
Murder victims

should be alive and well today,

as well as, a moving spiritual mystery about Life, Death, God

and, maybe even, love transcending murder!

“I want to read WHEN TOMORROW NEVER COMES – and see a movie of it!"
Dr. Wayne Dyer
21-Time Bestselling Self-Help and Spiritual Author

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