Straight from front page headlines, WHEN TOMORROW NEVER COMES is an inspiring true murder and spiritual mystery of tragedy, perseverance, and triumph. It is a riveting suspense story about a man whose life went almost overnight from interviewing with Diane Sawyer on 60 Minutes defending James Monds against murdering Vicki Thomas to a life of defending himself against Julie, Tom, and Sean Grissom’s murders.

It is a story about a man losing everything including his lifelong faith in God trying to go on with nothing but the will to go on. It is a story of enduring and even growing through a life tragedy and a story with invaluable Life Lessons.

Almost like a novel, Vicki Thomas’ murder, Maria Marshall’s murder written about in the bestselling book, Blind Faith and the infamous national headline-grabbing Gainesville Murders intertwined with the Grissom Murders to make this a riveting fiction-like true story of murder and madness, justice and injustice and, most importantly, a story of why five innocent Gainesville Murder victims should be alive and well today. But, WHEN TOMORROW NEVER COMES is more.

Interwoven with this gripping murder mystery is an intriguing true spiritual mystery sparked by Hal Carter’s eerie dream about Julie Grissom only minutes after her murder. Including a mysterious bird landing at Hal Carter’s feet as he talked to the news media about Julie Grissom, a powerful story with a movielike ending. Through his search to learn if The Dream was a spiritual contact from Julie Grissom, it is an exploration of religion, science and God for anyone who has ever lost a loved one especially to a senseless death and wondered if there really is a God and a Life after Death. Although this is a drama of unspeakable murder and madness, it is also an unforgettable story of forgiveness and love transcending murder.

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