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An Inspiring True Murder and Spiritual Mystery of Tragedy, Perseverance and Triumph

My Mission

My mission is to turn tragedy into good.

Hal Carter

"This is a powerful story - the most intriguing true story I have ever heard!"

Ann Rule
30-Time Bestselling True Crime Author

"I want to read WHEN TOMORROW NEVER COMES – and see a movie of it!"

Dr. Wayne Dyer

21-Time Bestselling Self-Help and Spiritual Author

“Hal Carter, there are many who suffer from adversity and injustice. When one of us rises above it, it inspires all of us. I read the ‘Free to Live’ story about you and write to thank you for sharing your story of overcoming adversity and injustice.  It takes courage to share it but your story has helped more people than you will ever know.”

Michaela DeVivo

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reader

"Since your WHEN TOMORROW NEVER COMES talk to our Kiwanis Club, I have heard so many compliments on you, your presentation and talk that your talk has been dubbed, ‘the best.’ Thank you for blessing us, Hal!"

Carol Connor
Kiwanis Club of Texarkana, TX

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Straight from front page headlines, WHEN TOMORROW NEVER COMES is an inspiring true murder and spiritual mystery of tragedy, perseverance, and triumph. It is a riveting suspense story about a man whose life went almost overnight from interviewing with Diane Sawyer on 60 Minutes defending James Monds against murdering Vicki Thomas to a life of defending himself against Julie, Tom, and Sean Grissom’s murders. It is a story about a man losing everything - including his lifelong faith in God - trying to go on with nothing but the will to go on. It is a story of enduring and even growing through a life tragedy - and a story with invaluable Life Lessons.

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How I Began My Movie Screenplay

Like most, I have always loved movies. And, just as I had never expected to write a book, I never expected to write a movie screenplay. But Julie, Tom and Sean Grissom’s murders changed the course of my life and awakened a dormant artistic yearning which has moved me to share this story in every way I can, including through a feature film.

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Screenplay by Hal Carter
Based on Hal Carter’s
creative memoir.

ACT I Scene 1-Latest Grissom Murders News

INT.Channel 6 News Studio–Night(Nov. 9, 1989)

Anchor Ginger Morgan is seated facing the screen anxiously reading Camera 1’s teleprompter.


The phantom killer who slipped into a nice upper-middle class home in Southern Hills last Saturday evening, brutally stabbed Tom, Julie and Sean Grissom to death, then slipped out without neighbors hearing or seeing anything has struck a fear and panic not seen before in Southern Hills and the surrounding Shreveport community. But there may be a break in the case! Good evening from KTAL Channel 6 Action News. I’m Ginger Morgan bringing you the latest ArkLaTex news, starting with the latest on the Grissom Murders investigation.

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I am working to complete my screenplay and getting the movie out in 2018. To track my progress on completing and filming it, as well as to read periodic scene excerpts, please go to the following link to connect to my News page.

Thank you,
Hal Carter

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