An Inspiring True Murder and Spiritual Mystery of Tragedy, Perseverance and Triumph

Welcome to My Book, Movie, Inspirational Speaking and Blog Website!

My mission is to turn tragedy into good for many who want to learn through my journey following Julie, Tom and Sean Grissom’s murders.

Many well-meaning people told me that my life had been “ruined” after I became the prime suspect in Julie, Tom, and Sean Grissom’s murders. But today my goal is to accomplish something that may have never been done before by one person: write a bestselling memoir and screenplay of it which becomes an Oscar-nominated Best Picture hit and become a popular inspirational speaker who uses the story to illustrate how to physically, mentally, and spiritually overcome and even grow from Life’s challenges. Through this blog and website, I hope you will enjoy following my journey and will even help me achieve this goal.

Many who are interested in my true story ask about my progress on my book and movie and when they will be out. My book will be out in 2017 and I am working to get the movie out in 2018.

Through this blog, I will regularly post news about my book and movie progress. I may also post recently completed portions of the book and screenplay. Because much of my inspirational speaking comes from what is in my book and screenplay, I will also post related news or comments about my speaking engagements.

I welcome and encourage your sincere comments and feedback about whatever I post.

To launch this blog, I am posting two posts to answer two of my most often asked questions. One post is background about how someone who never thought about writing any book is writing this book. Similarly, my second post is the backstory about how someone who never thought about writing a movie screenplay is writing one and hoping to coproduce the movie of it.

Hal Carter

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